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Live Your Marvel Dreams

Hardcore Marvel Avengers fans assemble as game developers, Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal bring you a new Avengers game that will let you live your Marvel dreams. Marvel's Avenger is an RPG game that will let you take the role of your favorite superheroes to save the world. 

New Avenger Story

The Marvel's Avenger game opens in the West Coasts Avengers Tower in San Francisco, where the Avengers have assembled on a S.H.I.E.L.D Hellicarrier for Avengers Day. It was supposed to be a day for the general public to have quality face-to-face time with the Earth's mightiest heroes. But, being in a superhero universe, days aren't always peachy. Naturally, an enemy will arrive, and the band of superheroes will be busy saving the universe

In this game, a new enemy, who goes by the name of Taskmaster, is introduced. Together with his army of mercenaries, he will wreak havoc using Stark-esque repulsor weaponry.  An epic battle will then ensue between Taskmaster and the Avengers. 

Become Your Favorite Avengers

Unlike other role-playing games wherein you will take on a character and play them through the entire story, Marvel's Avengers offers a moment to moment gameplay. It will not only let you play one character in the entire game. You don't even have to leave your game in order to switch characters. You can play different characters as you battle your enemy. Yes, you read it right. You can become Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Black Widow. 

During the battle, the game will have various cut scenes showcasing each Avenger while in a battle. For example, after Thor had clear out all his enemies using his Mjolnir,  the action will switch over to Iron Man who chases after a set of airborne soldiers. It will then switch to Hulk who jumps into the fray and wipes out all the enemies nearby. 

This character-driven gameplay allows players to try every Avengers character available to the game. However, it might be quite confusing as you play along since you will have to adapt the way you fight to the skills of the character you are playing. After all, some Avengers can fly while others cannot. 

Character Design

While Marvel's Avenger may give off very Avengers-esque combat scenes, the same thing cannot be said to the characters. Players will notice that the character models for the game are drastically different from its cinematic universe counterparts. Instead of Robert Downy Jr. for Tony Stark or Cris Evans for Captain America, the game developers created custom looks for each character. 

True, by creating custom looks for the characters will give the game a sense of originality. However, the fans have come to expect that the game will have the feel of the MCU films. Thus, it can be a little disappointing to see the characters looking very different from the actors we see on screen. 


If you are a fan of the Avengers movie, then this game may be worth trying. It has all the elements you love about the film. Marvel's Avenger is a fine game that can give you both action and adventure and comes with high production values. More so, it does not only let you play one Avenger at a time and if you can get past the fact that the characters do not look like the movie counterparts, it can give you the Avengers experience you are looking for. 


  • High Production Value
  • Very Avengers-Esque Storyline
  • Unique Gameplay


  • Game Characters Do Not Look Like the Movie Counterparts
  • Playing More than One Character in a Game Can be Confusing

Marvel's Avengers for PC

  • Paid
  • In English
  • V 1.0
  • 4.4
  • (128)

User reviews about Marvel's Avengers

  • Dipesh Pandey

    by Dipesh Pandey

    Please when this game is relise dont say to pay maone for this game


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